Ongoing Care

  • Use of mats at the entrance is a good idea to prevent stones and small grit from scratching your new floor.
  • Direct sunlight will discolour the floor over time. Try to avoid this by filtering direct sunlight with curtains or blinds.
  • Regular maintenance/cleaning of your new floor is essential in keeping your floors looking great.
  • Use an anti-static dust mop to collect dust and dirt. Vacuum cleaners can be used but may scratch the floor.
  • Floor can be washed with a sponge mop using clean, warm water. A half a cup of methylated spirits per household bucket may be added to water.
  • Avoid using harsh detergents and abbrasive cleaners as these may scratch or dull your floor.
  • Floors are subject to different wear patterns depending on their use, traffic, density, traffic paths and the purposes for which the premises or rooms are used. It is therefore difficult to generalise in predicting the time when a maintenance coat is desirable. It is important, however, to ensure a floor is recoated before it has worn excessively to avoid the additional expense of totally resanding and coating the floor with a number of coats. In most cases, a regular maintenance coat after a few years will eliminate the need for more costly repairs.

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